The grass is greener…

How much do we live our lives wanting something that we don’t have? Looking at something that someone else has and wishing for it as our own? Creating a dream that MUST be better than what we are living? I think we all do it, some more than others. Recently, in reading a wonderful blog (I can’t find the specific link at the moment..) I came across this amazing statement:

“The grass is greener where you water it. So water this moment with your love and appreciation.”

I am so guilty of wishing for something different than what I have. Yes, I had an affair recently. Yes, I thought that this other person was everything that I didn’t have and that I needed in my life. It was my ultimate “grass is greener” moment. The recovery from that situation and its aftermath has been a difficult road. I have faced some painful truths. I have reevaluated almost every part of my life. And yet, through all of that pain, I have emerged with a growing inner strength that I never had before. A wise woman has told me that all things in life, even if they are painful, give us gifts. I have definitely emerged with gifts after this experience.

So, back to watering my grass… I was in the shower the other day, mulling over things as I often do in the shower, and my former other man came to mind and started buzzing around again. And I stopped and thought “What was it that you wanted out of that, really?” The answer? I wanted someone to have that fairy tale with… a love that would overcome all obstacles (that relationship definitely had obstacles) and a man who would do anything to be with me. You know what?? When I really think about it, I already do have that! I have an amazing man (my husband) who would and has done anything to be with me. And our love has overcome huge obstacles… including this affair mess. I am so blessed to have this love and I now know that I need to nurture the grass that I already have… because it really is quite beautiful!

So much truth…


Today, the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US, is a day filled with reflection and remembrance and mourning. And this is so appropriate. And yet I find myself struggling with how I want to recognize this day, personally and with my family and publicly (like here, in my blog). I have made a conscious choice to not turn on the television. I have watched only two online videos related to the commemoration: one replaying “highlights” of the events of that day and one of a song being sung at the New York memorial today.

Roses at the 9/11 Memorial

Beyond that, I am choosing an attitude of reflection. Rather than dwelling in the past, I look to the lessons that can be learned and how we can live in a way that will somehow make some sense of those tragedies. Because, even in this case, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe that reason was so that we would have a reason to go to war in the Middle East. In my opinion, retaliation does not solve anything. Truly, though, all I can do is find the lesson in this for myself and make my life mean something as a result.

Om Mani Padme Hum

This is a tattoo that I had done on my back on the last day of 2009. The meaning of the Buddhist mantra is not easy to convey in a few words, but the basic idea is that the recitation or viewing of the mantra will invoke the embodiment of compassion. And this is the lesson that I choose to learn… in all of my life, really. We can only accept people as they are and be compassionate for their position in the world. Yes, there are many who live their lives devoted to hatred and destruction. The roots of this hatred is deep rooted… and coming to some sort of understanding of that can lead us to compassion, even for those that cause such sadness.

Have I lost a loved one as a result of a terrorist act? No, I haven’t. Do I have a right to speak for how one should feel in such a situation? I probably don’t. But I do, in the need to find my own sense of understanding, have a right to my own feelings. And they are these: only compassion can bring this world to a place where there will be no more war, no more hatred, no more destruction. Without it, we not only hurt others, but we hurt ourselves.

“Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation.” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Letting go…

Letting go can be the hardest thing in the world for a control freak. Who is the control freak, you ask? Ok, I know you didn’t actually ask because you probably already know I am talking about myself. I am so bad, I hate surprises, I hate the unknown… anything that takes away my control over a situation.

Today I was reading this blog post by a guy with great spiritual energy that I came across on Twitter. This part in particular really spoke to me:

“When I give permission to the others in my my life to be authentically who they are without judgement or needing to control or change them, it is like giving water to to someone dieing of thirst.”

Reading on, the idea is that you accept people as they are and let go of the need to control or change them. As I read, I come to see that letting go sets me free. Really, the water that I are giving is to myself. The love and acceptance fills my thirsty heart.

There are a few relationships in my life that I have tried to control… to make into my own idealized version of reality. One in particular. I know I made this person out to be something that they truly are not. And I am learning to accept who this person truly is. I am learning to let go of that dream that I created, because it wasn’t real. I am learning that this person’s authentic self doesn’t make this person a bad person. They are simply different from what my controlling instinct thought they should be. And that is ok. That is real. I take this person and my hurt and regret and disappointment and dreams… and I pull them into a bundle in my heart… and a take a breath… and I let them go.

That space in my heart where all of that was can only be filled with love. I accept and love this person for what they truly are and I will learn accept their rightful place in my life, even if that is out of my life. I say learn on that one because I am not there yet. That’s part of the journey… but I am on my way.

Rocks In My Bra

Yep, you read that right. This is about the rocks in my bra… and I don’t mean the “boulders” that are supposed to be there!

My rocks are crystals… healing stones. A dear friend has recently introduced me to the power of crystals and energy healing. My collection of crystals has been expanding and I am learning more and more about the stones and their specific uses. Here is my collection:

Each day I let the crystals speak to me (not in a “I’m hearing voices” kind of way…) and certain ones will strike me as the right ones for the day. And it always seems to turn out that they are right.

Ok, so the thing is, I have been in the habit of sticking them into my bra. Even if I have pockets in my outfit, my bra just feels more secure… and close to my heart. But, as you can imagine, it can get a little lumpy. Oh, don’t worry, I have never actually tried to stuff the center quartz in there! LOL Anyway, there have been times when my daughter has given me some seriously strange looks because of the lumpiness of my chest… and then the one time that a stone actually fell out in the kitchen. Doh! I haven’t had any incidents of people at work suggesting a mammogram, tho (thank goodness!)

I finally decided, tho, to buy a pouch to carry them in. I found a woman on etsy that makes suede “medicine pouches” and ordered a red one (my favorite color, by the way). It came yesterday and it is pretty cool! The lumpiness is different… I may end up with some interesting comments (especially from my one coworker who is sure that I am going to hell because of my alternative beliefs) but at least my boobs won’t be lumpy anymore!

Oh, but that pretty pink flat one at the top, that’s a rose quartz, and it has a permanent home on my left boob. 😉

FUF – It isn’t all about you!!!

My first post to participate in Fawk You Friday, hosted by Christy – My Mad Mind

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So I’ve been dealing with this breakup and getting over the, erm, breakdown that I had when it happened. I’m going to write about the whole thing one of these days, I promise. Anyway, I got in touch with the dude during this last week and he actually told me “no one is worth that”. Really? You think that was all about you? You think it didn’t have anything to do with a lifetime of depression and the stress in my marriage and the extreme financial hardship that we have endured for  years on end? Nothing to do with the fact that I was obviously on the wrong meds? Noooo…. it was ALL ABOUT HIM!

Yo, man with one of the biggest egos in the world, FAWK YOU! It REALLY was about a lot more than just you!!!!!