Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday

Today I am using this idea from Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock At A Time – basically I make a list of things to be okay about. Here goes:

Hey, it is okay:

That I ate two brownies, three mini pecan pie-thingies (they are less than an inch in diameter), a cider donut and a questionably flavored cookie from our work pot-luck today.

That I read People Magazine and judge celebrities on how they dress

That my favorite breakfast food is McDonalds

That I have many pet peeves. The one that got me (again) today is PARENTS WHO ARE TOO LAZY TO GET OUT OF THEIR CARS TO PICK UP THEIR KIDS FROM AFTER SCHOOL CARE (no, your phone call is not more important than your kids!)

That I wrote “No Touchie” on my creamer bottle in the fridge at work

That I have to work this Saturday, because I have Friday off! YAY!

That my daughter is dressing as a male troll with horns for Halloween

That my husband is making dinner while I type this