Self Fulfilling Prophecies

You know how something changes in your life and you get your mind wrapped up in what *might* happen with this change? And the change might be something that makes you feel like a total lunatic, ready for the asylum is unexpected and not completely understood? All of the Google’ing (it is spelled that way because I said so) in the world can’t quite make you feel comfortable with this change?

Yeah, that was me yesterday. I had my head so wrapped around what could happen with this new med and the reasons that it is often prescribed that I made myself (more) nuts. And as the day goes on it gets worse, because all of these mental gymnastics are exhausting! So sometimes at the end of the day you need to shut the brain (and the cell phone) off… and try to quiet it all down. And it is better… a new day brings sunshine again. Mantra for the day: I can only control what happens *right now*

Love to the dear friends who I freaked out last night… and to the hubs who knew to just leave me alone. He is learning!


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