Judgmental people

I hate judgmental people. First of all, my business is my business. Well, no, the compulsive over-sharing thing kinda negates that, doesn’t it? But I don’t put my business out there to be judged, ok? I mean, I’m not judging you for being on Twitter all day and having no life, or for wearing that cat sweater, or for your dumb haircut. Uummm… ok, maybe I am a teeny bit judgmental. I guess it is when people are outwardly judgmental. Like you know when you can just tell by the look on their face? Or by the tone of a comment that they make on Facebook or a response to a tweet? You KNOW you can tell the tone, right?

Ok, maybe I hate people who make me feel like they are being judgmental… you know, because they have that look on their face, or they have that tone! Because then you have to feel like you have to filter yourself around them… you can’t just be you! And, if you aren’t getting the idea yet, I really have a hard time with my filter. Basically it is broken. So then I feel like people are being judgmental about my lack of filter… and I can’t help it!!

Alright, maybe I hate people who make me paranoid… no, really, some people just have it out for me. There is reason to be paranoid! Really!

Alright, the point is, don’t judge me or I will have to have to have a smackdown…

Male cat doesn’t like judgment from furball dog, either