FUF – It isn’t all about you!!!

My first post to participate in Fawk You Friday, hosted by Christy – My Mad Mind

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So I’ve been dealing with this breakup and getting over the, erm, breakdown that I had when it happened. I’m going to write about the whole thing one of these days, I promise. Anyway, I got in touch with the dude during this last week and he actually told me “no one is worth that”. Really? You think that was all about you? You think it didn’t have anything to do with a lifetime of depression and the stress in my marriage and the extreme financial hardship that we have endured forĀ  years on end? Nothing to do with the fact that I was obviously on the wrong meds? Noooo…. it was ALL ABOUT HIM!

Yo, man with one of the biggest egos in the world, FAWK YOU! It REALLY was about a lot more than just you!!!!!